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۲۵ Creative DIY Ways To Show Off Your Plants


Having plants in your care is a responsibility. But also a great opportunity to show off your decorating! The way you position them in your home can lead to an improved interior design or a worse décor. Now that you know the reason for which you not only can but most keep your plants in the best places and with the best of methods, feel free to browse through the following collection of 27 creative DIY ways to show off your plants. You can choose the simple projects or go for the intricate ones. Whatever you choose, you will be better off than before you’ve started the decoration process. After you have replicated the DIY project in your home, it is time to invite people over. They’re going to be so envious! Remember to share the results of your work with the rest of the DIY community.

1.  How to Make Affordable Outdoor Planters Using Hypertufa

Show-Off-Your-Plants-15 more details here…

2. DIY Chandelier Planter Tutorial

Show-Off-Your-Plants-16 more details here…

3. DIY Low Cost 55 Gallon Drum Planters

Show-Off-Your-Plants-17 more details here…

4. Multi Tier Wooden Garden Planter


more details here…

5. Easy Tips for Growing Plants In A Container

Show-Off-Your-Plants-19 more details here…

6. The Most Creative DIY Planters

Show-Off-Your-Plants-20 more details here…

7. DIY Light Bulb Planter

Show-Off-Your-Plants-21 more details here…

8. DIY Recycled Barrel Planter

Show-Off-Your-Plants-22 more details here…

9. Hollowed Log Planter

Show-Off-Your-Plants-23 more details here…

How To Make Superhero Christmas Balls


If you’re late with your Christmas decorations, maybe this next DIY project will get you out of trouble. Making a custom Superhero Christmas Ball Ornament is easier than you would have thought. All you need is a few glass balls, some acrylic paint and an awesome superhero logo of your liking. It may not be the traditional way of decorating for Christmas, but your kid will definitely fall in love with what you did. Check out what people from the DIY community have achieved in a similar project and how neat the result is. You can start work on your own Christmas Balls right away. Just get the materials mentioned previously and follow the photo tutorial. Good luck and have a Merry Christmas!



Check out the full tutorial right here…

DIY Indelible Painted Mugs


With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about a nice and thoughtful gift for a friend or a loved one. Luckily, we are here to come in your aid! What if we tell you a touch of paint is enough to create the perfect gift? The DIY indelible painted mugs are the right kind of handmade project you could do at home. Oil based paint pens are your main ingredient in the process of transforming a regular mug into a thoughtful gift. With the technique described at large in the following link you will able to come up with some beautiful custom made mugs just like the one in the picture. Read carefully and roll up your sleeves for this awesome DIY project. Oh yes, and have a wonderful holiday time!


Check out the full tutorial on the Glued To My Crafts!

DIY Rattan Ball Patio Lights


The winter festivities are on their way! If you aren’t prepared for decorating your home in the holiday spirit, well this is the right time. We don’t want to stress you but we’re only one month away until Christmas Eve, when you welcome all your relatives and friends into your home. So it’s only natural that you wish them to visit in a lovely festive ambiance. We suggest a simple yet effective DIY project. In order to make these lovely Rattan Ball Patio Lights, you will need to use mini decorative rattan balls and some Christmas lights. It’s as simple as that! Follow the instructions featured on this website and the décor for Christmas will be ready just in time.


Check out the full tutorial on the Crafty Butt.



DIY Dragonfly Wall Art


Improving the interior design of your home or your yard is something you should do not just once, but from time to time. The following DIY project involves upgrading the décor of your wall, whether it is an outside wall or an interior one. What is fascinating about this work is the creativity with which you can repurpose old pieces of furniture into beautiful decoration. With just some fan blades and table legs, you can create some impressive dragonflies. The DIY project can easily be done at home. And in order to get a good looking effect, it is best you make a few of these dragonfly wall art pieces. The wall you have improved will definitely be the talk of your next visitors. Visit the link suggested and discover how to create your own DIY dragonfly wall art at home.

Here’s the tutorial…

The Original Table Leg Dragonflies with Ceiling Fan Blade Wings

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چطور یک تنور خانگی بسازیم


Outdoor cooking will be so much fun with this next creative project. If you your hobby is cooking and summer is your favorite season, outdoor cooking and barbecuing must be between your greatest pleasures. Indeed, nothing compares to the flavor of a well-cooked outdoor meal, not to mention the atmosphere created by the surroundings. This cool DIY all-in-one outdoor cooker is also great is you have an off-the-grid lifestyle and it can be easily made by anyone at home. Luckily the supplies you are going to need are quite cheap and you only need to invest your talent and skills to build the cooker. Check out the pictures from the link and you will learn about each step of the project. Make your own outdoor all-in-one cooker in just one weekend.










Outdoor-Cooker-10more details here … 

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