Helpful tips for making your home green

5 Helpful tips for making your home green


People just don’t understand the importance of taking care of the environment, but let’s face it – Ozone holes, pollution etc. are all major issues. It is important that we do whatever we can to save our planet, and the best would be to start from our own homes. Here are some tips on how to start saving your planet – today.

Number 1: Save energy and change your lighting

Do you know about the fluorescent light bulbs? Well, they use about a quarter of the electricity of regular bulbs. And you don’t have to worry about their cold glow, they have improved a lot lately and you can find them in all shades. Next, turn the lights off! Think about your electricity bill. Wherever there are no people, there shouldn’t be any light bulbs on either.
When it comes to the biggest electrical energy users, let’s bring out the big boys: refrigerator and freezer. They shouldn’t be working harder than they are supposed to. Set your fridge at 37F and freezer at -3F, and always make sure that the doors of your fridge or freezer are closed.

Another member of the big boys is the home heater. Get yourself an electronic thermostat and set it in the way that, when you are sleeping, it heats your home at a lower temperature.
Repair all your leaking objects like washing machine, faucet etc. and unplug your electronics while you are not at home.

Number 2: The one and only: underfloor heating

First of all, you will be able to use your space a lot more efficiently, since the radiators will be gone. Second, your home will be warmer with less energy used – it is a win-win combination. But have this in mind: when your underfloor heating is off, your floors may feel cold, so consider putting some nice shaggy rugs on the places where your feet touch the floor for a longer period of time, like in front of your living room couch for example.

Number 3: Clear the air

The first and the main way is to ban smoking in your home! Would you let someone bring a diesel car in your living room or kitchen and start the engine? I’m sure you wouldn’t. Well it is almost the same as letting people smoke there – it may be hard to believe, but it is true. Cigarettes are dangerous and full of toxic chemicals, and even sitting in the same room with a smoker can cause cancer.
Next, consider growing plants indoors, since they are the best (and natural) air filters. Another important thing is that besides the fact that they absorb all the pollutants, they are also reconnecting you with nature and bring an amazing energy with them.
Also, buy a radon (radioactive gas which you can find in soil and it enters your home through the cracks in the foundation; radon causes lung cancer) detector and carbon monoxide (deadly odourless gas) detector – they literally save lives.

Number 4: Cleaning matters

Believe it or not, you are sometimes actually harming the planet while you’re cleaning your house. A lot of chemical cleaners are really toxic and they can really bring a lot of damage to your health, as well as pollute the environment. So, instead of buying those, switch to non-toxic cleaners. You can even make your own cleaner using baking soda, since it can be used as cleaner, polisher and fungicide. Also, start using natural dishwashers made from tea tree oil or citrus oil, and clean your toilet bowl with borax and white vinegar.
When it comes to cleaning dirt, replace cleansers with microfiber cloths, which are designed to pick up the dirt without having to use any other product. They can clean glass, steel, wood, ceramics etc. by simply being dipped in warm water.
Seal all the cracks in your walls and doors to keep the insects away instead of using that toxic, stinky bug spray.

Number 5: Save water

Not only are you going to save the planet, but you are also going to save your money. Every drop counts! Don’t start your dishwasher or your washing machine until they are completely full. Clothes and dishes won’t go anywhere, be patient. Take a 5-minute shower instead of taking a bath every time, and while you are applying soap, turn the water off. Also, never, ever flush tampons, condoms or wet wipes. You are going to have an awful time when your sewage system clogs, and not to mention all the water you will be wasting.

Wendell Berry once said: „Earth is what we all have in common.“ One small step for improving your planet is better than no steps at all. Every little thing counts.

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